Stephen Curry Reflects On His Memorable Night In the Garden

March 1, 2013 – 10:00 am by Chris Fedor

Madison Square Garden. The NBA’s most famous arena. The mecca of basketball where some of the greats have come to deliver legendary performances against the Knicks. Kobe Bryant scoring 61 points, LeBron James’ 52 points and near-triple double just days after Bryant dropped 61 and Michael Jordan’s 54 points in his first game at MSG after taking some time off to play baseball. Warriors guard Stephen Curry delivered a scoring explosion Wednesday night that belongs with right next to those performances. Like he was back at Davidson in the NCAA Tournament or just in the backyard shooting around with his dad, Curry torched the nets to the tune of 54 points. Circus shots, fadeaway jumpers, step-back threes, the former Davidson star pulled out the whole arsenal and threw it at the Knicks. New York even started to double-team him. They were trying to take the ball out of his hands but on Wednesday night there was no stopping the best pure shooter in the game today. Curry was on a mission. The 54 points were incredibly impressive but the shooting percentage was even more amazing. Curry couldn’t miss on Wednesday night. 18-28 from the field, 11-13 from the three point line and he made all seven of his free throws that he attempted. Even though it added up to a loss, it was still one of the most memorable performances the Garden has seen from an opponent.

Stephen Curry joined KNBR in San Francisco with Fitz and Brooks to talk about whether he has had a chance to see the footage from the game against New York, on calling his father after the game to brag about scoring 54 points at Madison Square Garden, on the scuffle against Indiana and his game evolving even more this year.

Whether he has had a chance to see the footage from the game against New York:

“Yeah I saw the YouTube clip of all 54. I watched it on the plane as soon as we landed in Boston. this afternoon. It was fun to watch. We wanted to get that win, obviously that would have made it even more special, especially us being undermanned without D Lee (David Lee) and (Andrew) Bogut but we will get ’em.”

On calling his father after the game to brag about scoring 54 points in the Garden:

“He kept a good attitude about it. He texted me after the game, congratulating me on the game and all of that. He wanted me to make sure I had realized what had happened. Being at Madison Square Garden, it’s obviously one of the legendary arenas in NBA history and lot of great individual performances have gone down there. He just wanted to let it sink in that it happened and it’d be something I could remember for a long time. That was one of his main messages.”

On the scuffle against Indiana:

“I was just protecting a teammate. I didn’t really take the size differential into account until it was a little too late. You see guys getting physical and the scuffle going on and you just want to try to calm it down and make sure you’re teammate is protected. Hibbert was the closest body to me so I tried to wrap him up and make sure he didn’t go at D Lee anymore. Then he turned it on me. Just a physical game and obviously you don’t want to turn it into a scuffle, especially leading into the courtside seats and getting in the way of fans but it’s something you have to do. If two guys get physical then you have to have your teammates’ back and I think we showed we’re a unit and we’re going to go down together.”

On his game going to the next level this year:

“You want to be well-rounded and if somebody steps up and takes away the three point line then you want to be able to have the ability to drive, get in the lane, make plays for other guys so you try to use all the skills that you have and distribute the ball when I get into the paint. Use my mid-range floater game. I’m not going to go dunk on anybody so so you have to be creative and you just try to find different ways to be effective. Just have to be creative. Use my change of speed and my teammates have done a great job setting screens, especially when D Lee is out there running the pick-and-roll so we have a good combo going on.”

Listen to Stephen Curry on KNBR in San Francisco here

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