Aldon Smith: “We All Know” Michael Crabtree was Held in Super Bowl XLVII

March 5, 2013 – 9:15 am by Brad Gagnon

Since he broke into the league in 2011, only one NFL player (Minnesota’s Jared Allen) has more sacks than Aldon Smith, who has 33.5 of them during his time with the San Francisco 49ers. He’s also been to a Super Bowl, where he fell short. But Smith, like most members of Niners Nation, believes the 49ers got a bad break on a controversial call late in that game.

Aldon Smith joined Soren Petro on WHB in Kansas City to discuss Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff, following Justin Smith to San Francisco, his experience this past season and Alex Smith going from San Francisco to Kansas City. He also made it clear that he believes a flag should have been thrown on Jimmy Smith on that controversial fourth-down play late in Super Bowl XLVII.

On how Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff have been so successful so quickly:

“They’ve got a good relationship with all the players and they get us on the same page. We go out there and play for each other.”

On teaming up with Justin Smith in San Francisco (both have Missouri roots):

“I heard, being in college and kind of playing the same position or whatever. And then as soon as I got to San Francisco I definitely knew who he was.”

On this past season and going to the Super Bowl:

“This year has been an exciting year. We had our ups and downs … It wasn’t the outcome that we wanted but we’ll be back there soon.”

On Alex Smith being traded to Kansas City:

“You guys got a good player.”

On if Michael Crabtree was held by Jimmy Smith on a crucial play late in the Super Bowl:

“Yes, we all know it.”

Listen to Aldon Smith on WHB here

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  1. 36 Responses to “Aldon Smith: “We All Know” Michael Crabtree was Held in Super Bowl XLVII”

  2. Watch the tape no way he could catch it and come down in bounds. It must really stink to still be living in the past and not looking to the next one. Get over it, it’s done so quit whinning we don’t care.

    By Lonnie Hockenbury on Mar 6, 2013

  3. Roddy White was held in the NFC championship game. What sweet delicious irony.

    By 12secta on Mar 6, 2013

  4. Boo.hoo.hoo!

    By russ on Mar 6, 2013

  5. Holding is holding! It wasn’t called! Could
    it have made a difference? Maybe, maybe
    not! Either way refs screwed up!

    By Michael Wright on Mar 6, 2013

  6. A pass that is normally “uncatchable,” will be a pass that Michael Crabtree can catch with grace and ease.
    No whining here. We lost. On to the next season with increased anger and energy.

    By Jason on Mar 6, 2013

  7. more whinning and no one has offered cheese to go along with all the whinning

    By dave schabel on Mar 6, 2013

  8. We all know losers love to whine. The refs miss holding a few times every game (especially offensive holding). That’s football now and ever.

    By Ralph Winslow on Mar 6, 2013

  9. Hey Smith, how many tackles – TWO!! Looks like you got handled. That ball was not catchable….watch the video ….. over and over and whine. Ravens win SB 47!!

    By Derrel on Mar 6, 2013

  10. The fact of the matter is Crabtree ran a horrible route, if you can even call it one. In a situation like that with the Superbowl in the balance, referees are adverse pto make a call the will directly influence the game. They simply let the players play.

    By JV on Mar 6, 2013

  11. Steelers fan here—with respect for the Ravens and total respect for the 49’ers defense. Here’s my take: SF had “1st and the Super Bowl” from the 7 yard line with 2:36 left in the game. Play calling was Horrible! Where was Vernon Davis in this scenario? Kaepernick could’ve rolled out and scored on the 2nd down play. Jim Harbaugh was unprepared for this scenario. Bottom line: Crabtree is not Santonio Holmes. Too much pressure on a “B-grade” receiver. The offense failed in the clutch. (Non) Holding call is irrelevant.

    By Yush on Mar 6, 2013

  12. People say let em play! Well on the Ravens previous drive the refs didn’t let them “play” when they called holding on Culliver! Which led to a Balt fg! They failed 2 throw out a player for pushN a ref! They failed 2 call offsides on a 2pt conversion attempt! They failed 2 call holding in the opening 2nd half kick-off when B.Miller GOT SANDWICHED between 2 Raven fans & BOTH were holding!!! It’s true the 49ers still should’ve won but LET’S NOT EXCUSE GHE REFS & LEAGUE 4 TAKING THE SUPERBOWL!!!!

    By Great Ed on Mar 6, 2013

  13. Also the league didn’t fine the player who pushed the referee! Why? 2 protect their image! Had they fined him, it would have drawn even more attention as 2 why he wasn’t ejected! & made the refs look even worse!!!

    By Great Ed on Mar 6, 2013

  14. He was HELD it was HOLDING but that’s the only way ray Lewis or the ravens could win is by holding because they saw everything crumbling down plus I think they’re gay if you ask me… If you can’t tell a holding penalty from an incomplete pass you’re jus a complete idiot

    By Jonathan perry on Mar 6, 2013

  15. You think we give two sh##s in Baltimore… Held or not held …..The Lombardi Trophy belongs to us!!!

    By Raven Nation Member on Mar 6, 2013

  16. If, the refs call holding on that play in July-aug.-sept.”IT”, should be called in “FEBRUARY”…WONDER? if the sub-refs would have called “IT”!Furthermore, given the fact,THAT, we are all STILL, disgusing it in MARCH, must be a (REASON)!!!

    By sherm on Mar 6, 2013

  17. Brad Gagnon……it is not called “Niner Nation” it is the “Niner Empire” please don’t make that Raider reference again 🙂

    By Michael on Mar 6, 2013

  18. its ok when players hold the ravens players and get away with it like new england did last year to get to the super bowl so now its the 49ers turn to cry like little babies instead of saying the best team won that day so you guys get with tom brady and make an album about crying in the NFL. HERS THE TITLE OF YOUR ALBUM CRY BABYS

    By john on Mar 6, 2013

  19. The 49ers last 4 plays called were atrocious! Crabtree ran two extremely poor routes in a row in that last series of plays. You run a quick corner you do not purposely run into the DB with the intent of first to get a flag thrown. When you do that you put the official in a no call position. If the lights did not go out that kept the ball away from the Ravens offense for 85 minutes it might have been a lot worse. .

    By Rick Faller on Mar 6, 2013

  20. Losing the way the NINERS did in the Super Bowl will only bring more intensity and energy to Harbaugh and his players !! Beware of the NiNERS in 2013 , The Cap Man (7) will be so much better !! Justin Smith will be a monster and Aldon Smith will be right next to him ! Defense rules this league and the NINERS are one of the best !!!!!

    By Mark Simpson on Mar 6, 2013

  21. hey jon perry gay? you live in the gayist city in the world and you call the ravens gay i dont think so. as far as ray lewis he can outplay your 49ers team with his arm in a sling you better hope your off line can keep kape healthy because you just got rid of the best player on you team i hope alex comes back to haunt you. RAVENS REPEAT IN 2013 so keep crying. rg111 is better than kape and look what happend to him running qbs dont make it to long in the NFL exp gay ones.

    By john on Mar 6, 2013

  22. Hey John from Baltimore , REALLY

    By M S on Mar 6, 2013

  23. Come on man, you lost. No game is perfectly played, coached, or refereed. Yeah, not a nation or empire. Had your chance, now move over.

    By blue star man on Mar 6, 2013

  24. well said blue star man crying is over. wonder what teams will really have a team after all these cuts and free agents

    By john on Mar 6, 2013

  25. LOOK At The NON-Reaction By Crabtree And That Tells The Whole Story . . . Any Of The GREAT Recievers Will Tell You Tbat It Was A Very Poor Route, And He(ctree) ‘initiated’ Any Contact On That Play !!

    By james b. on Mar 6, 2013

  26. Maybe if the 9ers wanted to win a superbowl they should stop spoting the opposing teams 17 and 21 points every game. You can’t keep giving the other teams massive leads and have a cry that you lose. For a defensive team they played like shit.

    By Jesse on Mar 7, 2013

  27. First of all the was COMPLETLY CATCHABLE had Crab not been HELD — which is indesputable — You Tube it — ball hit the ground one yard out — and was on perfect flight to hit Grab’s out stretched hands. That’s not even the point. The point is he was BLATANTLY HELD seven yards past the line of scrimmage. That’s penalty, period. Should have been first and ten at the one. Maybe they score, maybe they don’t. The only FACT is that #22 grabbed him with both hands and HELD onto Grab’s waist. The cheaters ( and double murderer Ray Lewis) won — but that was a hold and would have been called in every pop Warner, high school, collage, arena, and pro game. It’s a fact and a crime it wasn’t called in the SUPER BOWL. Outrageous. Ravens suck.

    By Reed on Mar 7, 2013

  28. Fact: In 47 Super Bowls, only 2 holding/interference calls have ever been made in the last 2 minutes. Crabtree and Smith were all over eachother on the play in question so if anything they could have called offsetting penalties and redid the down. If you idiots thought the refs were gonna decide the game that late based on history, you are sadly mistakened.

    By Aaron on Mar 7, 2013

  29. Hey Reed,
    You are an idiot for thinking that the referee’s were going to be throwing the flag on a call that just wasnt there. Crabtree ran a horrible route, contact was on both sides, how do you throw a flag to decide the game on an iffy call at best. I didnt hear any 49ers complaining for the no call for Atlanta at the end of the NFC champ. game? Oh and I wonder what you think about the flag on the running into the kicker?? Akers was not touched, you got the call there. Stop whining and looking for a call on every play. 49ers need to grow up

    By Jack on Mar 7, 2013

  30. The 49’er fans need to let it go. Regarding the kick return for a TD, the rules stipulate that the Ravens blockers would have had to take the 9’er player to the ground b 4 a penalty could be called. On the Crabtree play, he initiated the contact and pushed off to get separation to attempt the catch. That is also what Vernon Davis did the entire game. If a missed penalty should have been called it definitely would have been the late hit, out of bounds on Flacco on the Ravens drive that they scored a field goal. That would have continued the drive and likely the Ravens would have scored a TD since the 9’er DB’s couldn’t defend any of the Ravens receivers. So, let’s move on to the pursuit of SB 48 please.

    By Terry on Mar 7, 2013

  31. Receivers from both teams were being held all day in that game. Even had the 49ers scored, Joe Flacco might well have moved the Ravens into range for a game-winning field goal. If the lights hadn’t gone out, the game probably wouldn’t even have been close. Quit crying.

    By John Stratemeyer on Mar 7, 2013

  32. I was reading all the comments and everyone thinks the Ravens should of lost because of that one call. First of all, Crabtree pushed off and Smith held so if it was called a penalty it would of been washed and replayed. The Ravens Defense knows how to stop you in the red zone. But I want to go back to the beginning of the game. Did anyone see Torrey Smith. He was held the whole night and never was there a penalty called. Joe Flacco was hit out of bounds and no penalty. You can’t depend on penalties to make your team win. You have to play all four quarters and don’t let it be close at the end. Also no one has brought up about the lights unexpectly go out. C’mon Ravens won fair and square.

    By Debbie on Mar 7, 2013

  33. Smith, you should be more upset at the fact that your team played sloppy at times, and didn’t do enough to prevent having to come from behind at the last minute…Bottom line, Ravens were the better team on that day and have the trophy to back it up. I used to respect the 49ers a lot more, but this whining, shows no class…they won’t be back in the SB for several years…

    By Urn on Mar 7, 2013

  34. We all know Crabtree was pushing off too, and wouldn’t have been able to catch that overthrown pass inbounds anyway.

    We all know Torrey Smith was held on what would likely have been a TD catch earlier in the game too.

    Lastly, we all know the Ravens are now the Super Bowl champs, and crying about it doesn’t do any good Aldon. How about blaming the 49ers for only playing the second half instead of the refs?

    That was the PERFECT no call for every imaginable reason.

    By Brad on Mar 7, 2013

  35. Lets put an end to this. The ravens played 2 games in the cold. Played against 2 of the best teams in football and won. The 49ers played 2 average teams in nice warm domes. If it wasn’t for your WB running the ball so much it wouldn’t even of been close. Fouls were. Commited by both teams so quit crying the better team won. And the NFL called for the blackout because we were killing u .that’s why. Our coach was so mad. They told him to let u guys catch back up some. So u wouldn’t be so imbarrased. Lol the better team won .

    By ravendroid on Mar 7, 2013


    By DayDay on Mar 7, 2013

  37. Atlanta PROVED they are good not elite. ( Sorry )typed to fast

    By DayDay on Mar 7, 2013

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