Torrey Smith Isn’t Worried About Anquan Boldin’s Departure from Baltimore

March 19, 2013 – 7:30 am by Steven Cuce

Torrey Smith wasn’t happy to see his teammate get traded last week, but he understands the business of the NFL. Smith realizes that he will be looked upon to replace Anquan Boldin.

Smith contends that he was targeted the same amount of times as Boldin, so he’s not too worried about replacing him next season.

Torrey Smith joined WNST in Baltimore with Glenn Clark to discuss being a Super Bowl champion, dealing with the loss of his brother, the Baltimore Ravens not hosting the NFL Kickoff because of the Baltimore Orioles, learning from Anquan Boldin and being the No. 1 receiver in the Ravens offense.

What’s it like being a Super Bowl champion?

“It’s crazy anywhere you go. Right now I am looking at a girl and she’s asking me for my autograph through the window. It’s crazy man. I’m excited man. We need to do it again.”

Talk about your brother and how you are coping with it?

“I mean, it’s family and it’s the same as anyone else. We all have death in our lives; mine is no different. I’m fine. [Host: What was it like to have family around for the Super Bowl and celebrate after all that has happened?] I mean, it was crazy and everyone was excited about it and everyone is in New Orleans, so we had a great time eating all the food and celebrating. It was special and I haven’t seen those smiles in quite a long time.”

Would it bug you if you guys didn’t start the season at home on Thursday night?

“No, I really don’t care. I guess that is kind of a tradition since the Patriots had been winning or something like that. I just learned about this five minutes ago, and to me they’ll get something figured out and at the end of the day. I feel like if it’s a baseball conflict, they have like 40 homes games, why not switch one? They’ll get something.”

Tell me the best thing you learned from Anquan Boldin?

“He’s just a great person. He’s a great father and a great Christian man. He was a great leader and also a great quarterback on the field. To be able to play with him and get some of his knowledge and soak it up like a sponge. Our playing styles are kind of different, so to watch him — and he was very polished — and to be able to learn from him and changing my fundamentals when I got to the league, it was a blessing for me. I loved him like a brother and it’ll be tough to see him go, but that’s the business and it’s been that way forever and it’ll be that way when the Ravens get ready to cut me.”

Are you getting tired of the questions regarding your status as the No. 1 receiver now in the Ravens offense?

“It comes with the territory. I think the biggest misconception is that everyone thinks because Anquan Boldin is gone that I’m the No. 1 receiver. I mean, I don’t even think you considered him the No. 1 receiver because if you want to be technical, we got the ball thrown to almost identical times. It’s just that the passes that I got were different because I was in the slot and there was a lower completion percentage because I was getting the deep ball and fades across the middle and slants and things like that. It doesn’t really change. I’ll still be on the outside more than likely. I know both sides. I played both sides. It’s no different.”

Listen to Torrey Smith on WNST in Baltimore here

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