Eli Manning Expects Victor Cruz to be Back, Says he hasn’t Been Asked to Restructure his Contract

March 21, 2013 – 8:45 am by Brad Gagnon

Eli Manning and Victor Cruz have established quite the connection the last two years. But now the future for that duo is in doubt because Cruz is a restricted free agent who could be signed away to a rich offer sheet in what is an unlikely but still scary scenario. Manning remains confident that his most productive receiver will be back.

Eli Manning joined Boomer and Carton on WFAN in New York to discuss Victor Cruz’s contract situation, his own contract situation, new tight end Brandon Myers, the return of backup David Carr and the added incentive that comes with the Super Bowl being in New York this upcoming year.

On if he’s been in touch with restricted free agent Victor Cruz:

“I’ve been talking to Victor a little bit. We’re kind of talking about our planning and when we’re gonna start working out, where we’re going to start throwing and getting ready for this upcoming season. And obviously I hope that he’s with the Giants.”

On if he believes Cruz will return:

“I do. That’s just what I have to believe and what I want to believe, just because he’s such an important part of our offense. … I think he wants to be in New York, in his hometown, so I hope it all works out.”

On if the team has approached him about restructuring his contract (he has the biggest cap number in the league in 2013):

“No, there’s been no conversations on that matter yet. Who knows if it’ll come up or not, but obviously I’m just kind of waiting on their call if they want to do that or not.”

On new tight end Brandon Myers, who is replacing the departed Martellus Bennett:

“I did not know much about him. Obviously last year he had a ton of catches — I think almost 80 catches for a tight end, which is a lot. So that’s good to have a tight end who’s used to catching the football. So that’s exciting. … Our tight ends usually have success and get a lot of catches and touchdowns, so hopefully he can continue to do that like a lot of Giants tight ends have.”

On the return of backup quarterback David Carr:

“Excited to have David back in the quarterback room. It’s always good to have those guys that are familiar with the offense, the ideas. Good power mind and a good friend, so we do some good work in those meetings.”

On if there’s added incentive to get to the Super Bowl with the game in New York next year:

“Yeah, I think the fact that no team has ever played in a Super Bowl hosted in their own stadium, I think that would be a very, very cool experience. Obviously, like you said, just to make the Super Bowl, that’s the goal. That’s what it’s all about. … But of course I think it’s even more special to play it in your hometown.”

Listen to Eli Manning on WFAN here

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