Corey Brewer: “We All Want to Keep Winning and Will Do Whatever it Takes to Get Another Win”

March 25, 2013 – 9:40 am by Chris Fedor

The Miami Heat are not the only NBA team streaking. The Denver Nuggets are as well.  Thanks to a balanced attack and a deep bench led by guys like Corey Brewer, who is having one of the best years of his career, Denver has ripped off 15 straight wins. During their impressive run, the Nuggets have two wins over Oklahoma City, one against Chicago and a win against Memphis. With one month to go before the end of the regular season, the Nuggets have clinched a spot in the playoffs already.

However, this streak has moved Denver into third place in the Western Conference, just four games back of the San Antonio Spurs. They can’t reach the regular-season winning streak of Miami this season because they will run out of games. but given the Nuggets’ record at home (32-3), they have the top seed and home-court advantage in their sights. Not to mention they have gained a ton of confidence during this run.

Corey Brewer joined ESPN 102.3 in Denver with Les and Tom to talk about the confidence the Nuggets have because of the winning streak, how much the success this year can be attributed to the defense, if he thinks the Nuggets’ style will work in the playoffs, whether he worries about letdowns against lesser teams during this winning streak and the importance of having Ty Lawson when it comes to keeping the winning streak going.

On the confidence they have because of this winning streak:

“When you get on a winning streak like we’re on, we’re very confident. Anything can happen. We feel like we had to win the game and we could win the game still, even when we’re down.”

How much the success this year can be attributed to the defense:

“I’d probably have to say 80 percent of it, because our defense turns into offense and right now we’re playing really good defense.”

If he feels the Nuggets’ style will work in the playoffs:

“I think we can still win with it. As long as we are playing tough defense and making teams turn the ball over, we can get some easy buckets. That’s what you need in the playoffs because you don’t want to play in the half court in the playoffs like that.”

If he worries about letdowns against some lesser teams:

“Yeah, but for us, we take it one game at a time and when we’re winning the way we’re winning, it’s all about keep winning. We all want to keep winning and will do whatever it takes to get another win.”

On the importance of Ty Lawson to keep this streak alive:

“It’s very important but it’s more important for him to be healthy for us heading into the playoffs.”

Listen to Corey Brewer on ESPN 102.3 in Denver with Les and Tom here

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