New Cardinals Quarterback Carson Palmer Calls His New Gig an Absolute No-Brainer

April 3, 2013 – 7:15 am by Eric Schmoldt

Carson Palmer has a new home in Arizona. The Oakland Raiders shipped the veteran quarterback to the Cardinals, who are putting together a fresh look with a new coaching staff. While Palmer isn’t a spring chicken, the thought of him racking up yards with Larry Fitzgerald is intriguing.

Carson Palmer joined KTAR in Phoenix with Doug and Wolf to discuss why Arizona was a great place to land, the offense they’re installing with the Cardinals, working with Larry Fitzgerald, the offensive line that will be in front of him and how he describes himself at this point in life.

You should have had a few options. Why did you decide the Arizona Cardinals were the best option?:

“Because this is hands down, by far, the best opportunity. There were a handful of places, but as soon as this organization came up, and you start thinking about the coaching staff they’ve put together and the players they’ve drafted and the players they’ve signed in free agency, absolute, hands down no-brainer. … I know a lot about Arizona. I’ve got a lot of family history. … It just made too much sense from every angle.”

What do you know about Bruce Arians and the offense he plans on running?:

“I know he’s aggressive. I know he doesn’t want to put together 14-, 18-, 19-play drives and try to beat people that way. He wants to score; he wants to put the ball up and down the field. He wants to score a point per minute of possession. He believes in ball security and stopping the run on defense. He was in Pittsburgh and I played against him a bunch and saw his offenses move the ball up and down the field. … When you have a chance to step into your throws and do some of the things he’s done in the past, protection-wise, you’re just giving those playmakers on the outside more and more opportunities to do what they do.”

Have you ever had as professional of a receiving core as you will have in Arizona?:

“You know, when you think about that position throughout the league and you think about Larry, Larry’s as professional as they come. Larry’s a businessman who happens to be a phenomenal football player. He does it year in, year out. … He gets better each year, and the opportunity to work with a guy like him, he’s going to rub off on everybody around him. … The trickle-down effect you get from a guy like Larry makes average receivers really good and good receivers great. I’m going to learn a lot from Larry.”

How concerned are you when it comes to the offensive line in Arizona?:

“I’m not concerned at all. If you look at it, you look at all the injuries, that’s a freak thing. When you get that many guys hurt at one position group, that just doesn’t happen year after year after year. … With the coaching they’re going to get from the guys we have on this staff, we’ll get better at that position just like we’ll get better at every position.”

How would you describe yourself as a person?:

“I’m a father of three, four including the dog that doesn’t listen to me. … I love football and I know that we’re not blessed to play this game for very long and you have to take advantage of every opportunity. And you have to be a gym rat and have to be studying film, you have to be improving. Because if you’re not, there’s too many guys out there that want to play in this league.”

Listen to Carson Palmer on KTAR in Phoenix here

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