Chad Johnson: I Lost My Focus Last Season Because I was too Concerned with TV/Commercials and Now I’m Ready to Return

April 15, 2013 – 7:35 am by Steven Cuce

The last time we heard from Chad Johnson on the football field, he was being released by the Miami Dolphins on television. It was an embarrassing moment for the three-time All-Pro as HBO’s Hard Knocks chronicled his departure.

Johnson claims he’s learned from his past and has put everything behind him. He is looking to return to his old form and believes it’s possible if he’s given a chance.

Chad Johnson joined 790 The Ticket in Miami with Dan and Stugotz to discuss his close relationship with Terrell Owens, being smart financially with his money, missing football last season, going through a year without football and the reason why he lost focus last year.

Terrell Owens has spoken publicly about his financial losses. I know you guys are close. Do you worry about T.O.?

“T.O. and I are really close friends and one of the things I have always done, or actually have never really done, is get into someone’s personal issues as far as finances and situations of that nature, because we all live our own separate lives. We all have our own separate desires and that’s one thing I’ve never done. I’ve never crossed that fine line of getting into that, and one of the things I’ve always let T.O. know is that I will always be here for him and if he ever needs me in any situation, no matter what it is. As far as I’m concerned he’s going to be alright as long as I’m breathing.”

How trusting are you of people? Have you ever been betrayed by people financially like Terrell Owens?

“Well I’m somewhere different being I really don’t invest anything that is going to cost me or anything that is going to hurt me, so the circle that I have is extremely small. It’s just me and my three brothers. I really haven’t been burned over the years. I’m pretty much low-maintenance. I spend most of money on McDonald’s and Starbucks, so I’ve pretty much been safe for the most part and I drive a smart car. Other then that, my money is just sitting there. I have it in a few stocks and bonds that are working for me. Other then that I’m good.”

How much did you miss football last season?

“Hey, let me tell you something, that was one of the most humbling moments. You hear me? I hope everybody is listening. That was one of the most humbling moments ever, to have something that you love and that you work for your entire life taken away from you. Now everything is my fault. I always cover the sword. I cover the sword as soon as the situation happens. I’ve gotten the right help as far as my anger management classes. I have a life coach I have been working with and, man, being able to sit back and reflect on all the things and at what point did I lose focus as far as the game of football and remember what’s important and at what point did I forgot how did I get here? What got me to the point where I was one of the best players in the game? It’s so funny because I needed that season off. It was a huge wake-up call.”

What was it like to go through that?

“Everyone sees it as a negative. I saw it as a positive. As far as a positive, I missed football for a whole year — a lot of time to think, more time with the family, more time with the kids. Again, being able to refocus and get back to my roots. Will I play the game of football again? I don’t know. Would I like to play again? Yes, I’d love to get back to being the Chad of old now that I am focused with no distractions, no TV and no shenanigans that I had going on. None of that stuff. If I do get the opportunity, I got my blinders on. I would love to go out there and have fun again.”

How did everything sneak up on you where you lost focus last year?

“You want to know why I lost focus? We got a seven- to eight-year span where I’m the best at what I do at my position, then I lose focus trying to double dip. Let me tell you what my goal was: How can I make the equivalent of what I make on the field off the field? I found the blueprint and figured out how to do it, but in that blueprint what happened is it caused me to lose my edge as a player. It caused me to lose what made Chad Johnson, Chad Johnson. That’s what happened, and no matter how much I try to say I’m going to do this over here and then I am going to try to come back to football, it didn’t work like that. The time I spent trying to do TV and commercials, that was time I needed to be in the weight room and time I needed to be on the track and field getting ready. It all caught up with the time that I had. You know the saying that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard? At some point along the line I stopped working the way I used to. I still work, but not the way I used to. I wanted to be the best at what I did and I got away from that.”

Listen to Chad Johnson on 790 The Ticket in Miami here [Interview begins at the 20:20 mark of the podcast]

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