Brook Lopez: Our Shots Just Didn’t Fall in Game 2; the Bulls Play Motivated Without Derrick Rose

April 25, 2013 – 6:25 am by Steven Cuce

The Chicago Bulls responded from an embarrassing Game 1 performance to defeat the Brooklyn Nets, 90-82, on Monday.

Joakim Noah has been giving the Nets all sorts of trouble in the paint despite a right foot injury. Brook Lopez can attest to that. The Nets center doesn’t believe his team had a letdown, but knows Chicago is looking to prove itself despite being without Derrick Rose all season. The two teams face off tonight in Chicago.

Brook Lopez joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the Nets losing to the Bulls in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, the Bulls playing together without Derrick Rose, the Bulls giving him open 20-foot jump shots and taking long jumpers if they are given to him.

What happened in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Chicago Bulls?

“Honestly, what we were most worried about was having a little letdown coming from such a good Game 1. ¬†We feel we didn’t have as much of a letdown with our focus or energy, but we got the shots we wanted. They just didn’t fall, honestly.”

How different are the Bulls without Derrick Rose?

“I really think the way they are built, they are a good team in every meaning of the word. They really play together. They play for each other, and as long as their team wins, they really don’t care who gets the limelight. I think that’s really what powers them.”

I saw you were taking 20-foot jumpers in the game. Was that by design or did they let you have that shot?

“Yeah, it’s not something I am going to rely on, but they did give us the look. I knocked down my first few, so I started feeling comfortable.”

Did you feel like you were playing into the Bulls’ hand by taking so many long jumpers?

“I mean, as long as it keeps going in, I am going to keep shooting it.”

Listen to Brook Lopez on The Dan Patrick Show here

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